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How to Fit into International or Global Workplace

Migrants and probable ones should self-evaluate, while prospective employers home and abroad in the long-term look beyond interviews to understand people’s workplace qualities. They could rely on the concept of learnability.

Adapted from digital software testing, learnability is any software’s workplace employability or usability. Compared, learnability should enrich skills acquisition; necessary in enabling employability in national and global workplaces.  It reveals individuals’ job or workplace adaptability to skills or professional demands to boost output. To that extent African migrants especially, will be best placed to fit into openings for survival anywhere.

Learnability therefore affects everyone’s mission-fitness for a peculiar global workplace.  This in Lyndy van den Barselaar, Managing Director of workforce solutions provider Manpower South Africa, is populated by a ‘…workforce…more knowledgeable, diverse, and empowered than ever….’

Employees and job seekers need to constantly learn, upgrade skills and face challenge. They will thus demonstrate desires and capacities to adapt and grow to meet job demands and remain employable throughout their working lives.

Learnability Evaluations therefore identify certain traits to increase awareness in fast changing or growing innovative tech demands situations or circumstances. Individuals are consequently alerted to control their progress amidst competition; while employers motivate, develop and retain or ease them out.

This is explainable in web based personality analytics, which identify:

Doers as practical intellectuals, experienced with common sense and reliable solutions to problem; while Traditionalists are lovers of protocol and are trendy strong team players. Traditionalists are not so different from Planners, who are biased and wary of familiarity with new ideas or people; perhaps limiting innovation and opportunities.

Free Spirits are rebels with a sense of independence and originality; who reject or bring innovations to change trends.   They are perhaps close to Thrill Seekers-impulsive lovers of new people and experiences; like Explorers – Lovers of new people and things; who approach newness with cautious optimism.

Scholars- constant useful knowledge gatherers, inclined to curating culture; while neglecting practical skills. These are like Thinkers-sharp intellectuals, who quickly understand patterns, principles and structures; incorruptible bad team players.   Even so do, Innovators, who are trendy team-adaptable innovators; who explore change and novelty…

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