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Values and Self-worth in Irregular migration

Circumstances almost always force immigrants, more so irregular ones to live fruitless and frustrated lives in host communities.Consistently the undocumented immigrant scarcely gets initiated in host communities with strict immigration regulations and unwillingness to accept multiculturalism.

This really affects the irregular migrant’s self-worth; impacted by gender, personality or fights against bigotry and scarce social support. Thus, in cultural context demography, immigration and attitude of the receiving society, irregular or illegal immigrants face serious social trials.

These trials earlier initiated by social and geographic dislocations present unusual disruptions and mental stress on long-standing perception of reality. Refugees or asylum seekers are invariably forced to adopt unusual lifestyles. They survive by their instinctive impulses to adjust to cultural obstacles in unpleasant ways.

Accordingly, self-worth is diminished! This counter dreamt prosperity or settlement in stable lives.To that extent values and self-worth remain critical to re-orienting Nigerians that are of productive ages against impulsive or irregular migration into the European culture shock!

Culture shock, which impacts negatively on self-worth, can be reduced by re-inventing personal and collective social security. Therefore, future Nigerian irregular immigrants could on second thoughts prefer skill acquisition and eking out livelihoods in Nigeria. The flipside for irregular immigrants demands cultural orientation, skill acquisition and assimilation in host European communities. Nevertheless, “making-it-at-home,” could be the best option after acquiring European skillsets to earn livelihood back in Nigeria.

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